Our office uses the latest in ultralow radiation X-ray equipment. Our modern panoramic X-ray machine allows us to see not only all of your teeth and bone around the teeth but also jaws, sinuses, temporomandibular joints and other anatomical landmarks. It is a routine X-ray which allows us to detect things which would otherwise not be noticed.

Because all of our X-rays are digital, we are able to magnify the images and show you on a monitor in the treatment room all of the things we see on your X-ray. It makes the process of explaining your condition to you much clearer and easier to understand. We also have the most modern dental X-Ray machine called a “Cone Beam X-Ray” which allows us to see every dental issue from three dimensions in sections or slices, something like a CAT Scan.

The Cone Beam allows us to see exactly where wisdom teeth are as well as pathology in the bone. The placement of dental implants is greatly improved by the use of the Cone Beam X-Ray in treatment planning. By knowing where everything is before we start, your treatment becomes much easier.

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