Dental Crowns

A crown is a permanent cover to protect damaged teeth while restoring function, shape, and size. Crowns look natural and fit comfortably with little noticeable difference from your existing teeth. A crown can pair with a dental bridge or implant to replace a missing tooth.

Types of Dental Crowns

Metal crowns work for teeth that are not visible and do not require color matching. Metal crowns are robust and optimal for grinding and chewing on the back teeth.

Ceramic or porcelain is best for crowns that need to match adjacent teeth.

Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) combines the strength of a metal crown with the look of a ceramic or porcelain crown.

Stainless steel and composite resin are used for temporary crowns to protect damaged teeth until permanent crowns are ready. Composite resin crowns consist of different plastic types blended for color matching.

Determining which type of dental crown is best depends on:

  • Function and location of the tooth
  • Color of the surrounding teeth
  • Amount of gum tissue and positioning for the crown

Reasons for Dental Crowns

Consider a crown if you need to:

  • Cover weak or cracked teeth
  • Restore size or function
  • Anchor bridges or dentures
  • Cover discolored or misshapen teeth
  • Protect implants
  • Support broken teeth

Types of Cracked Teeth

Cracks develop from everyday use, wear on the teeth from dental appliances, and tooth grinding. The location of the crack and how much has occurred determine whether a crown is a good option.

A craze line crack is located on the tooth’s outer surface and does not impact the root or tooth function. Treatment is not required. A crown is ideal for a tooth with a crack that has not penetrated the root, and placement before the crack reaches the root prevents further damage.

A crown is not an option for a tooth with a crack in the root. A crown cannot extend into the gums to reach the root. Cracks below the gum line remain exposed and vulnerable to further damage and tooth decay. 

If you are experiencing tooth damage and are considering dental crowns, contact the Sanders & Soult Family Dentistry team at (303) 337-2794 today for a consultation. 

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