The Sanders and Soult team wishes for all of our patients to experience optimal oral health, and we recommend periodic exams and cleanings to be done bi-annually. During routine exams, the hygienist, Dr. Sanders, or Dr. Soult can see problems when they are in their infancy and very easy to treat, many times preventing more involved and costly treatments in the future.

Our routine visits also include education about how you can best care for your teeth and gums at home to keep them healthy. A well-executed at-home oral care routine is essential to having a healthy mouth.

During a routine exam, we check for any signs of gum disease, decay, leaking or cracked fillings, chipped, cracked or broken teeth, or sores which could lead to serious problems if left untreated. We will also address any concerns you may have, such as halitosis (bad breath), crooked or crowded teeth, and tooth or mouth pain.

Teeth Cleanings & Dental Exams

Preventing tooth decay and damage begins with routine care and cleaning. Dental cleanings are recommended at least every six months and more often if you have excessive plaque or tartar buildup or have physical health issues that may affect your dentition.
Dental exams every six months are also essential. During an exam, the dentist will check the health of your teeth inside and outside, taking note of any potential issues that could lead to damage or decay. They may also ask questions about your nutrition and whether you have problems with teeth grinding, teeth sensitivity, bite issues, and pain.

Oral Care Education

During your cleaning and exam, the dentist also provides information about proper dental care at home. They may recommend fluoride toothpaste to treat sensitivity or excessive plaque issues or may recommend wearing a mouthguard to stop teeth grinding.

Oral Cancer Screening & Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings not only take care of your teeth; they are also a great opportunity to review your overall oral health. Preventive oral health care that you can receive during cleaning and checkup includes X-rays to check for issues inside the teeth, as well as jaw injuries, malformations, or tumors.
Another important mouth screening you should get is an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer is very difficult to detect and can take many forms. An oral cancer screening by a dentist can catch it in the early stages when treatment options are most effective.

Importance of Preventative Dentistry

Preventive dental treatment affects more than your oral health. The effects of poor dentition on your physical health, including your cardiovascular system, are well-known, and what seems like a simple mouth sore can result in serious illness if ignored. Teeth infections can enter the bloodstream, affecting your brain and heart and even causing death.

Learn More About Preventive Dentistry in Aurora, CO

Sanders & Soult Family Dentistry offers a wide range of preventive dentistry treatments and procedures to preserve and promote a healthy smile and a healthier you. For more information about teeth cleanings, dental exams, oral cancer screenings, and all of our preventive dental care, call Sanders & Soult Family Dentistry at (303) 337-2794 today!

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